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United Airlines United Club (Gate B44)

DENTerminal B (sécurité interne)

Les salons United Club offrent un large éventail de services qui rendront votre expérience à la fois productive et agréable. Détendez-vous dans un environnement sophistiqué en attendant votre vol au United Club.

Actuellement ouvert6:30am - 11:30pm

Heures d'ouverture

lundi6:30am - 11:30pmmardi6:30am - 11:30pmmercredi6:30am - 11:30pmjeudi6:30am - 11:30pmvendredi6:30am - 11:30pmsamedi6:30am - 11:30pmdimanche6:30am - 11:30pm

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Aéroport international de Denver
Aéroport international de DenverDENDenver, Colorado, États-Unis
Situé à Terminal B (sécurité interne). Terminal Est, près de la Porte B44.
    Les temps de trajet constituent des estimations et ne sont pas garantis. Les aéroports peuvent vous demander de repasser par le contrôle de sécurité et d'immigration pour atteindre le salon. Le contrôle de sécurité peut demander une carte d’embarquement au départ du terminal. Pour atteindre les salons situés dans la zone de sécurité ou d’immigration, vous devez d’abord enregistrer vos bagages et obtenir votre carte d’embarquement.

    Avis (35)

    Vaut le détourRecently renovated. Very busy lounge, it would have been challenging to find 2 seats together the afternoon I was there. Limited food options, but what they had was decent.
    John Bseptembre 2018
    SatisfaisantThis new undated lounge is very comfortable, if you have a very warm coat. The service was spot on. The coffee machine was precisely calibrated, giving a good cup of coffee, each time.
    Anonymousmai 2018
    Vaut le détourSpacious. Busy but not loud. Tons of support staff. Comfy seats. Good breakfast foods. Closes kind of early (couldn't get in before a late night flight).
    Anonymousfévrier 2018
    SatisfaisantSpacious, decently modern lounge. Certainly enough seating on a busy Sunday night, also plenty of electrical outlets. But then they took all the food and snacks away at 9pm (2.5h before close). SRSLY?
    Julianseptembre 2017
    ExceptionnelMust've been remodeled because it's really nice now! Great soup, salad, snacks, cookies, and fruit. Coffee and tea station.
    Estheraoût 2017
    SatisfaisantLots of old cushy seats but very limited outlets. In this day and age, they need to install more outlets throughout the lounge.
    Mariusnovembre 2016
    SatisfaisantVery basic lounge with lots of space, but lots of people as well. Very dated furniture, but nice views to the planes and the mountains. OK breakfast offerings. Service could have been friendlier.
    Teresajuillet 2016
    Vaut le détourVery nice place to rest or work.
    Theresajuin 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationNot welcome as overseas portion of flight was on Lufthansa. Business class ripoff. Some "alliance".
    Anonymousmai 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationThis place hasn't been updated in 15 years. Rips in the carpets, oil stains on all of the furniture. Gross.
    Nicholas avril 2016
    SatisfaisantThe furniture is banged up and in terrible condition. Barely any outlets.
    Warrenavril 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationDon't go here if you need to charge your phone or laptop...electrical outlets are almost non-existent! Otherwise, quite spacious and comfortable.
    Anonymousfévrier 2016
    SatisfaisantNot enough outlets in this United Club lounge.
    Frankljanvier 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationAlmost identical to the west lounge except older seats. Very limited snacks, no real food and the seats are ok...nice staff and bartenders though!
    Jasonjanvier 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationNeeds a full refurbishment. Dirty. Very hard to find any outlets. Typical UA lounge offerings. Not worth a visit.
    Jasondécembre 2015
    Besoin d'amélioration
    Yang-Sheng Shihnovembre 2015
    SatisfaisantDated design, banged up furniture and ripped seats. No other alternatives in DEN esp. after 9pm when the other club closes.
    Baranoctobre 2015
    Besoin d'améliorationThis is one of the worst in the UAL system. Furniture and carpet dirty and worn, very few power outlets. Go to the other lounge down the concourse. Newer, nicer and cleaner.
    Markmai 2015
    SatisfaisantOkay for a short stay. Not enough power.
    Saagaravril 2015
    SatisfaisantNo need to rush into this one, lousy food and coffee. Space is good and seats are comfortable if you need to pass a few hours.
    Roger Whitakermars 2015
    SatisfaisantOld worn out lounge, pretty spacious, but not much else going for it. Limited snacks and drinks (without paying a lot extra). No good food, even for extra payment. Really needs to be refurbished.
    Dougfévrier 2015
    SatisfaisantTypical United lounge. Good luck trying to find an outlet.
    Nickfévrier 2015
    SatisfaisantLarge lounge but very limited food and drinks for free... There is coffee, hot chocolate, tea, cookies, cheese and crackers, plus domestic beer.
    Paulojanvier 2015
    Besoin d'améliorationBetter than those tiny contract lounges, but in need of updating. Crowded, outlet situation is poor, basic snacks, no shower for incoming international flights. Not dirty but feels old.
    LDjanvier 2015
    SatisfaisantCrowded at 10am on Thursday. Cheap house vodka (Popov).
    Aridécembre 2014
    SatisfaisantWhile it is big as many people mention, the furniture is in desperate need of repair and outlets are at a premium. The food layout is also awkward.
    Bobnovembre 2014
    SatisfaisantClean and spacious, has everything necessary for a domestic lounge but nothing fancy, basically same with the other UC in DEN. However, they are closing at 9pm and you have to move to the other lounge.
    Zhishen octobre 2014
    Vaut le détourHuge, but crowded. Clean with friendly staff. Just give yourself 15 minutes to get to gate B89 - the airport is huge.
    Taraseptembre 2014
    SatisfaisantLimited snacks, limited drinks, no showers. Only positive is decent amount of seating.
    Oliveraoût 2014
    SatisfaisantToo crowded, not enough outlets for charging devices, only cheap beer is free, too many kids, but Bloody Mary is delish. Not really worth $50 to come up to what we left downstairs.
    Kathwunaoût 2014
    Besoin d'améliorationCrowded and very basic refreshments. The snacks were better in flight.
    Markjuillet 2014
    SatisfaisantAn average US club, although today, the power outlet situation was worse than usual. Most of the free outlets I could find, didn't work. Finally found one in the floor by the window.
    feorlennovembre 2013
    Vaut le détourAn extremely convenient and clean lounge! Would definitely recommend for that traveler who doesn't want to sit amongst chaos at the gates.
    Mattnovembre 2013
    SatisfaisantWhile we were here, the lounge wasn't, and there weren't enough outlets. However, the WiFi is fast and the snacks were widely available.
    Justinseptembre 2013
    SatisfaisantWhile the furniture needs an update, this lounge is spacious and has everything you'd need in an airport facility. Ample snacks and drinks along with lots of work desks with a top-of-the-line copier.
    Tyler juillet 2013

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