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Air France/KLM Lounge

ORDTerminal 5, Concourse M (sécurité interne)

Away from the bustle of the airport, the Air France/KLM Lounge offers a space to work in tranquility or simply relax before departure. Take advantage of the fast Wi-Fi and indulge in a delicious selection of pastries and snacks. Just want to take it easy? Kick back in one of the comfortable armchairs and soak in the stunning 180° airfield views below.

Heures d'ouverture - Actuellement fermé

lundi: 8:15am - 9:30pm
mardi: 8:15am - 12:00am
mercredi: 8:15am - 12:00am
jeudi: 8:15am - 12:00am
vendredi: 8:15am - 12:00am
samedi: 8:15am - 9:30pm
dimanche: 8:15am - 12:00am

Confort du salon

Newspapers & MagazinesNewspapers & Magazines
Printers & CopiersPrinters & Copiers
Beer & WineBeer & Wine
18+ Cardholder18+ Cardholder
Spirits & LiquorSpirits & Liquor
Premium FoodPremium Food
Flight MonitorsFlight Monitors

Information importante

  • This lounge is only accessible for passengers departing on international flights from Terminal 5.
  • Restrooms are located outside the lounge approximately 50 feet from the entrance.
  • Children under 2 years old are admitted free with an adult.
  • Priority Pass and other lounge membership access may be restricted between 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm daily.


O'Hare International Airport
O'Hare International AirportORDChicago, Illinois, United States
Situé à Terminal 5, Concourse M (sécurité interne). After the Security Checkpoint, turn right. The lounge is located between Gates M7 and M8 on the left hand side.
    Les temps de trajet constituent des estimations et ne sont pas garantis. Les aéroports peuvent vous demander de repasser par le contrôle de sécurité et d'immigration pour atteindre le salon. Le contrôle de sécurité peut demander une carte d’embarquement au départ du terminal. Pour atteindre les salons situés dans la zone de sécurité ou d’immigration, vous devez d’abord enregistrer vos bagages et obtenir votre carte d’embarquement.

    Avis (51)

    Besoin d'améliorationTried entering with Priority Pass at 10pm on Thanksgiving eve with an empty lounge. Denied entry - counter staff was expecting a “heavy crowd”.
    lystyl novembre 2018
    Vaut le détourLounge for 160 travelers, quite busy at the time of visit. Full bar service –serve yourself – with snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea & infusions. Also spirits, wine and beer & 3 hot dishes.
    Felipe octobre 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationDon't bother if you're seeking access with Priority Pass. Tried to get in at 1130pm and denied. Ridiculous.
    Anonymousoctobre 2018
    SatisfaisantI had heard that the staff were unfriendly. That is not how I was greeted today. They were very pleasant. Remember it’s a lounge that caters for numerous airlines all departing at the same time.
    Anonymousoctobre 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationChecked in and staff were very rude to me. Decided to get my own back and took a dump in the centre of the lounge. Bob. Minnesota.
    Anonymousoctobre 2018
    SatisfaisantLooked like a nice lounge and I can understand the need to turn away Priority Pass holders on a busy day. The rude staff is much harder to understand. Some “people skills” training may help.
    Donseptembre 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationDenied entry for Priority Pass claiming lounge was too full (guy was very rude), like others ended up at the Swissport Lounge across the way which is basic but at least had friendlier staff.
    Dreamseptembre 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationWould not allow Priority Pass entry, said come back in 45 minutes and it was empty.
    Brianaoût 2018
    Vaut le détourThe only thing missing is restrooms.
    Laurajuin 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationCould not, check that...would not, get past the entrance. Jammed with people, might as well go sit in the terminal. Went across the hall to the Swissport (which was basic, but had room).
    Jordan Stinziano juin 2018
    SatisfaisantNice staff with airy, panoramic views of the tarmac and aircraft outside. Limited food selection and cramped somewhat cramped. Could use more power ports for charging electronics. Clean though.
    Michael mai 2018
    SatisfaisantArrived at 6pm for a flight and they had stopped serving Champagne for the day. So come earlier if you want sparkling!
    Nealmai 2018
    SatisfaisantSmall, crowded and dated furniture - I suppose it matches the rest of Chicago O'Hare Airport! Got in with Priority Pass no problem. Very friendly staff. Was quite crowded at 10AM. Decent food.
    Anonymousmai 2018
    Vaut le détourArrived at 10pm and was pretty quiet and not crowded. Average self serve food and drinks (including wine, beer, liquor) options. Worth a detour especially when all the other food options are closed.
    Davidmai 2018
    SatisfaisantPrice increase, now 50USD! They aren't too pushy on time limits through. Good way to spend a 6 hour wait.
    Anonymousavril 2018
    ExceptionnelHad no issues getting in with Priority Pass. Very empty at 9A. Open bar, small pre-made sandwiches, nothing great, but definitely better than sitting out by the gates.
    Johnavril 2018
    SatisfaisantFunctional basic lounge, no other options anyway. Wi-Fi decent. Hot food is awful dry pasta. Premade rolls in fridge. Basic alcohol. Full of loud Americans who don’t know how to behave in public.
    Justinjanvier 2018
    SatisfaisantDated and crowded. Service is excellent but they could improve the layout and amenities.
    Robjanvier 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationNot crowded but “Not accepting Priority Pass until 5:30 pm.” It’s noon - I won’t be here that long. :-(
    Eddécembre 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationThey took away the hot food and nuts right when we arrived at 7:30 pm for a 9:45 pm flight. When we asked if they would bring out more we were told “no”.
    Anonymousdécembre 2017
    ExceptionnelI mean all things considered this place has a good selection of food and drink. Reasonably roomy, some private areas for working. I don’t mind this lounge, I would say stop in and judge for yourself.
    Anonymousnovembre 2017
    Vaut le détourCrowded but stocked with drinks and snacks.
    Anonymousseptembre 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationRude staff. Was refused at door with PP as they were 'full' and when I offered to pay, the receptionist pretended not to understand me, granted I have no accent and I have spoken English all of my life.
    Anonymousseptembre 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationDisappointing food options, broken WiFi, and trash not cleared for at least 3 hours. It beats waiting in the terminal.
    Anonymousaoût 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationTurned away an hour before close and less than half full; appears to be out of laziness more than anything. Frustrating when waiting for a late departure.
    Anonymousjuillet 2017
    ExceptionnelVery good selection of snacks, sandwiches and beverages. Good alcohol choices. Was a bit crowded. And there were lots of empty tables that had trash and waste on them that took awhile to be cleaned.
    Adam W. Selvidge mai 2017
    ExceptionnelI am Gold member through Etihad. I had good time here with nice food. It's absolutely free to me as I have Gold card. Thanks to KLM.
    Anonymousmai 2017
    Vaut le détourSurprising amount of options for snacks. Some good sandwich options including a pretzel roll sandwich which we enjoyed. Not a ton of seating though and filled up quick.
    Anonymousmars 2017
    ExceptionnelBest lounge in terminal 5. I just checked out the others and this is the most stylist, best food and enough seating space.
    Prabirmars 2017
    Vaut le détourSmall but decently stocked lounge.
    Anonymousdécembre 2016
    SatisfaisantSnacks are OK. No cider to drink. I wish they had a few computers to use.
    Hioctobre 2016
    Vaut le détourLounge is small but quiet. Great view. Got crowded close to a CDG departure. Food selection is ok. Mostly prepared sandwiches. Beer and wine selection was good. They even had ice cream bars!
    Anonymousseptembre 2016
    SatisfaisantVery small lounge with small chairs. But it has good snack options and a great view.
    ordbkkaoût 2016
    Vaut le détourCrowded, internet goes in and out, very hard to get to.
    Amberaoût 2016
    Vaut le détourLounge hopped from the British Airways First to the Air France Business. Strange to say, but preferred the Air France. Better food, comfortable. Just a bit crowded, but so was BA First.
    Billy Boyjuin 2016
    SatisfaisantCrowded lounge. Cleared up after KLM departure. Accessed through PP without issues. Bar and snacks good. Very loud - preferred SAS lounge which was much quieter. WiFi super slow.
    Brycemai 2016
    SatisfaisantNo hot food, but good snacks. Comfortable and reasonably quiet once those two women stopped watching home improvement shows on their iPad.
    Patrickmars 2016
    SatisfaisantOverall good stop with good selection of food and drinks. Worth the stop if stopping by.
    Michaeljanvier 2016
    Besoin d'améliorationVery snippy and strict in hours, frown upon Priority Pass members as second class citizens and will be hard on letting you in.
    Jerryjanvier 2015
    Vaut le détourFree booze, sandwiches and snacks. Hot soup was done at 5pm today. Good number of seats in the lounge. Bathrooms outside. Good stop to snack load for your upcoming trip :)
    Anonymousdécembre 2015
    SatisfaisantVery small. Quiet area. No bathrooms. Pre-packaged foods. Limited power outlets. Coffee sub-standard quality. Pretty typical for Chicago-O'Hare departure lounges. Overall disappointing.
    KRnovembre 2015
    Vaut le détourWalk-up day passes available for $40. Good selection of packaged food, sandwiches and snacks w/ a self-serve bar. This lounge has improved over the past few years with minor refurbishments.
    Mattoctobre 2015
    Vaut le détourI actually like it here. Kinda busy but as soon as KLM boarded, it freed up room. I like the fact that they serve pineapple juice:)
    Rowenn Monill octobre 2015
    Vaut le détourI like this lounge. Great Tarmac views. Quiet and certainly better snack options than domestic lounges. It doesn't rival foreign carriers abroad but it's fine for what is usually offered.
    Joshseptembre 2015
    ExceptionnelGreat lounge but the desk people were not knowledgeable about the Priority Lounge program and were somewhat severe in admit policies. Loved the lounge itself though;
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourNice food options. Comfortable.
    David B Williamsoctobre 2014
    SatisfaisantI've been to Priority Club lounges around the world and this is the only one that requires that you show your card. Silly. What year is this?
    Skeeterjuillet 2014
    Besoin d'améliorationWi-fi barely worked and I was surprised that this could be a lounge. Very clean, yes, but lack of services. Maybe all the international lounges at ORD should be amalgamated. We just didn't feel special.
    Micheljuin 2014
    Vaut le détourThis lounge definitely beats waiting at the gate! Though there was a limited food selection when I visited, it was quiet and relatively comfortable.
    Valeriedécembre 2013
    Vaut le détourBetter than the SAS lounge, with its good selection of drinks and few snacks.
    Danielaoctobre 2013
    Vaut le détourThis is a low-key lounge that draws few visitors. The snacks are fine, but not great (i.e. pre-wrapped sandwiches). The self-serve bar is extensive. Many foreign language newspapers are available too.
    Fatheroctobre 2013

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