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Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club

SEASatellite sud (sécurité interne)

Le Delta Sky Club est un salon primé qui vous permet de vous détendre, d'être productif, ou pourquoi pas les deux. REMARQUE : ce salon est également accessible aux détenteurs de la carte American Express Platinum, mais uniquement lors d'un vol avec Delta. Si vous utilisez l'option « Créer un voyage » le salon devrait apparaître comme « Gratuit ».

Actuellement ouvert4:45am - 6:30pm

Heures d'ouverture

lundi4:45am - 6:30pmmardi4:45am - 6:30pmmercredi4:45am - 6:30pmjeudi4:45am - 6:30pmvendredi4:45am - 6:30pmsamedi4:45am - 6:30pmdimanche4:45am - 6:30pm

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Aéroport international de Seattle-Tacoma
Aéroport international de Seattle-TacomaSEASeattle, Washington, États-Unis
Situé à Satellite sud (sécurité interne). Niveau du toit, près des portes S9 et S10
    Les temps de trajet constituent des estimations et ne sont pas garantis. Les aéroports peuvent vous demander de repasser par le contrôle de sécurité et d'immigration pour atteindre le salon. Le contrôle de sécurité peut demander une carte d’embarquement au départ du terminal. Pour atteindre les salons situés dans la zone de sécurité ou d’immigration, vous devez d’abord enregistrer vos bagages et obtenir votre carte d’embarquement.

    Avis (30)

    ExceptionnelVery nice showers. Spacious & quiet. Intricate artwork on both levels. Food good but uninteresting variety. Great service by reception, but some used plates/glasses left out too long by bus staff.
    Davidfévrier 2019
    Vaut le détourThis is an average lounge. Not bad. Not incredibly great but good. Lots of seating and decent food and drinks. Worth it.
    Ruthfévrier 2019
    SatisfaisantIt was an alright lounge compared to other Sky Clubs, very limited. Staff was pleasant.
    Raviana Rjanvier 2018
    Besoin d'améliorationTurns out you can only use the lounge if you are flying on a flight operated by Delta...It doesn't matter if you bought the tickets from them.
    Maudécembre 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationNo entry without being on a Delta flight.
    Scottynovembre 2017
    ExceptionnelCompletely deserted. Staff were incredibly helpful in getting us checked in and drinks sorted out. Brief selection of food and snacks - good for a quick visit
    Stephenmai 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationI tried to get in, with paying 59 Dollars. But, because I won't fly with Delta, they don't let me in?! But for what do or shall I pay something, if I even have to fly with Delta to get in?!
    Mario Kilianmars 2017
    Vaut le détourStopped by to use the showers around 9am on a Wednesday during a layover from Shanghai. Not too crowded, nice layout of comfy chairs. Not much hot food, but a nice fruit selection.
    Alokdécembre 2016
    Vaut le détourNicer than your average Delta lounge. Quite a lot of space, plane watching and of course snacks and drinks. If I had another S1 departure I'd stop by again.
    Mark Richardsonoctobre 2016
    Vaut le détourFairly large and relatively quiet while I was here. They had a really great Mac and cheese but little else interesting on the food front. Good place to chill and recharge while having a drink or four.
    Jim Valeri mai 2016
    Vaut le détourNice lounge with a good amount of seating and good views of Mount Rainier.
    Jonathanmars 2016
    ExceptionnelVery nice, modern and clean; excellent service.
    Kellyfévrier 2016
    Vaut le détourOK, larger lounge. More people sleeping than other lounges. Espresso machine is out of operation with a printed sign, so it probably goes "down" a lot, eh? That's for my Canadian friends.
    James Hollidayjanvier 2016
    SatisfaisantStandard Delta lounge, as usual watch out for peak international flight times as it will get crowded.
    Sam Reed Johnsonjanvier 2016
    Vaut le détourGreat option if you need a place to unwind and relax. Pretty basic food options. Single shower in each bathroom.
    Anonymousjanvier 2015
    Vaut le détourIt's a rooftop lounge so the views were great. Choice of hot food, not that much. Bar is pretty good though.
    Gjanvier 2015
    ExceptionnelNice place to chill, free drinks and snacks. Worth it. We have first class international flight so it's free with it.
    Jose Avelarnovembre 2015
    Vaut le détourNot as nice as Delta Club in LAX but still pretty good. Similar (but less) food options, complimentary house alcohol and shower available for use. Lots of seating too.
    Paulseptembre 2015
    SatisfaisantEhh not great. $2.50 for a bottle of sparkling water? If there's a cost you're desperate to pass on, fine, charge a buck. But making a profit off 8 ounces of water? Tacky. Weird chairs. Mediocre food.
    Anonymousseptembre 2015
    SatisfaisantNeeds a complete renovation. Worn and not very peaceful. Food offerings are not up to other lounges.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    SatisfaisantTypical Delta food options (ie not great). Nice people and service generally. However, the quiet room is adjacent to the food prep room, so it ain't quiet.
    Dkmai 2015
    ExceptionnelLounge itself is ok, basic for domestic lounge. Outstanding service. Flight was seriously delayed, last one of day on Delta. staff moved quickly to get me a new flight on different airline.
    Mikemars 2015
    Besoin d'améliorationDelta is now flying international flights out of A gate which is a good mile from S gate where this lounge is located. Paid little extra to fly Delta for lounge access but won't make same mistake.
    Hidedécembre 2014
    SatisfaisantI have a first class ticket and full lounge access but they still want me to pay 8 bucks for a drink...
    BigJdécembre 2014
    SatisfaisantThere are maybe 10 people here total. Service staff seems to be missing or occupied by their cell phones.
    Adamoctobre 2014
    Vaut le détourLounge has been updated. Clean + modern. Standard food to accompany drinks. Can get busy at times. Stay away from up-charge cocktails. Plenty of outlets.
    Slickaoût 2014
    SatisfaisantEspresso coffee machine not working. Same old tired food options.
    Johnjuin 2014
    SatisfaisantStaff are great, nice views from this lounge. Complimentary food and drink selection are marginal at best. Lounge is sometimes crowded and sometimes deserted depending on time of day.
    Caseymars 2014
    ExceptionnelThis is one of the more modern and upscale lounges (complete with a lux bar that has friendly bar staff) that isn't too crowded.
    Mattjanvier 2014
    Vaut le détourThis is an open, modern lounge that doesn't have any private areas to work or talk.
    Liangoctobre 2013

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