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Cathay Pacific First and Business Class Lounge

SFOTerminal International A (sécurité interne)

Bienvenue au salon Cathay Pacific First and Business Class au SFO. Travaillez ou détendez-vous avant votre départ et profitez des services gratuits, notamment des douches, des iMac et le célèbre bar à Noodles.

7:30am - Last Departure

Heures d'ouverture

lundi7:30am - Last Departuremardi7:30am - Last Departuremercredi7:30am - Last Departurejeudi7:30am - Last Departurevendredi7:30am - Last Departuresamedi7:30am - Last Departuredimanche7:30am - Last Departure

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Aéroport international de San Francisco
Aéroport international de San FranciscoSFOSan Francisco, Californie, États-Unis
Situé à Terminal International A (sécurité interne). Immédiatement après le contrôle de sécurité, tournez à gauche, montez par les escalators et suivez les panneaux.
    Les temps de trajet constituent des estimations et ne sont pas garantis. Les aéroports peuvent vous demander de repasser par le contrôle de sécurité et d'immigration pour atteindre le salon. Le contrôle de sécurité peut demander une carte d’embarquement au départ du terminal. Pour atteindre les salons situés dans la zone de sécurité ou d’immigration, vous devez d’abord enregistrer vos bagages et obtenir votre carte d’embarquement.

    Avis (52)

    ExceptionnelGreat alternative if flying Qantas to the AF/KLM lounge. Friendly staff, great food. Noodle Bar lives up to its rep.
    Anonymousmai 2018
    ExceptionnelA calm oasis. Entered as an AS Lounge member. Noodle bar just closed but substantial snacks available as well as a variety of wines. Great space.
    SirLoufévrier 2018
    SatisfaisantSpacious but seriously lacking in good food or beverage. Noodle Bar is OK but otherwise no better than Admirals Club. Not what you’d expect from a Cathay lounge.
    Mike Dickson décembre 2017
    ExceptionnelVery nice lounge with variety of staying options, good food selection and nice work spaces.
    SJAoctobre 2017
    ExceptionnelThis lounge is an excellent place to relax before your flight. Freshly made noodles are delicious and deli sandwiches are great. Solus chairs are available in the expanded area for extra comfort.
    Johnfévrier 2017
    ExceptionnelGreat service, friendly Staff and a very relaxing time in this gorgeous lounge. Highly recommended.
    Magsyfévrier 2017
    ExceptionnelAwesome lounge. One of the best at SFO. Real Chinese dishes and of course, the noodle bar. Plenty of space to spread out, plus showers and fast WiFi.
    Garrettfévrier 2017
    ExceptionnelReally enjoyed this lounge. The food was delicious, and the coffee was strong. From a teammate, "the mocha tastes like candy." The WiFi could be a bit faster, but everything else was 👌
    Anonymousfévrier 2017
    ExceptionnelGreat views, food, and service!
    Liza février 2017
    ExceptionnelWhat an excellent lounge! Great service, delicious premium food (make sure to try dan dan noodles soup!) and very comfortable seating area. 10/10!
    Arturfévrier 2017
    SatisfaisantOn Alaska Airlines pass. They kicked me out of one area that was Cathay Pacific only (no signs, no explanation). Several loud announcements of the Cathay Pacific flights over PA and individually.
    Anonymousjanvier 2017
    Besoin d'améliorationBeing a Qantas Platinum wasn't allowed access for some reason, been here many times before.
    Patricknovembre 2016
    ExceptionnelAs a British Airways passenger, this lounge was a welcome escape from the crowds over at the BA lounges. Food selection was alright but there was a delicious noodle bar. Spacious, clean, and modern.
    Andrewnovembre 2016
    ExceptionnelOutstanding lounge on West Coast. Alaska Board Room grants access. Good food selection and great liquors. Got here and no one around since Hong Kong flight boards are 1:10.
    Markjuillet 2016
    ExceptionnelA typical Cathay quality lounge. Great place to go before your flight. Modern design, comfortable seating, showers, wifi. Much better than domestic lounges in the US.
    Terencejanvier 2016
    ExceptionnelNice lounge for AS customers.
    Anonymousseptembre 2015
    ExceptionnelOne of the best lounges at SFO.
    Anonymousseptembre 2015
    SatisfaisantArea is small, facility tends to be old.
    Ritaaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelSimple yet efficient and Comfortable lounge. Small enough to be cozy and big enough to have enough space. Like the view of tarmac/planes. Food is healthy and tasty. Overall a quiet refuge at busy SFO.
    RKaoût 2015
    Vaut le détourNice and clean with plenty of wiring space.
    Jeffreyaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelVery convenient if a little tricky to find.
    Annemiekaoût 2015
    Vaut le détourGives you a feeling of back home to Hong Kong.
    Kennethaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelThank goodness for the Cathay Lounge at SFO!! It made my 4 hour layover fly by!
    Marcyaoût 2015
    Vaut le détourThe food is good, the beer is good, and the staff keeps you in good spirits.
    Dwayneaoût 2015
    Vaut le détourNice and pleasant during Saturday afternoon.
    Anonymousaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelAwesome lounge - awesome noodle bar - great experience!
    Spaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelFantastic clam chowder & fresh sour dough bread, fruits are fresh but coffee machine not too good. Friendly staff & quiet ambience. Lounge set up similar to other Cathay lounges worldwide.
    Anonymousaoût 2015
    Vaut le détourI get to the airport a little early just to be able to relax and have a nice light dinner before my flight..Excellent!
    Martinaoût 2015
    ExceptionnelNoodle bar is great. The buffet options are good too. This is a mixed biz/first lounge. Can get a tad crowded but you'll always enjoy space. Good amount of media as well.
    Colinjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelSo excited to find out they accept Alaska Airlines Board Room Members! It was after 2pm when I entered so they had stopped serving any lunch, but I was happy with a glass of wine and snacks!
    Philip Maxsonjuillet 2015
    Exceptionnel#CathayPacificSFO. Lounge is fantastic. Fabulous stsff, very friendly.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourVery nice lounge with great snacks!
    Marsyjuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourGreat lounge, can get busy. Can't wait to see the place after expansion is finished.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelAmazing and very pleased. Would definitely come back.
    Dougjuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourGreat lounge! Everything is great....except the dandan noodle is not good, not up to the HKG lounge standard.
    Edwardjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelDecent food, nice bathrooms, helpful and courteous staff!
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelSo clean and pretty. Though crowded, it's relaxing. A good stop if you have time to kill.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelA great place to grab a comfy seat, a cold drink, and some tasty noodles before boarding the long-haul flight to HKG. Looks like they are expanding their facility to better serve the 2 red eye flights.
    Graemejuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourWonderful lounge but limited food when a Cathay Pacific flight is not scheduled.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelI have been to many lounges and The Cathay lounge is extraordinary. The best treat was the Hong Kong Noodle Soup. Really authentic Hong Kong taste. The staff were amazing too.
    Harrisjuillet 2015
    ExceptionnelAwesome! Especially the wonton noodles.
    Joshuajuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourStaffs are very helpful and attentive. Foods are ok.
    Anonymousjuillet 2015
    Vaut le détourFood is ok. Wine and beverages are great. Quite and clean.
    Dannyjuin 2015
    Vaut le détourClean and tidy lounge. Good Asian food.
    Anonymousjuin 2015
    ExceptionnelExcellent lounge. Stopped by en route to Seattle on Alaska Airlines, and the staff was very courteous. The lounge is clean with decent food selection (Asian and Western choices).
    Lindajuin 2015
    ExceptionnelWent before Alaska flight to Seattle. Self service wine and liquor were top notch. Was there in the evening so noodle bar was shut down. Great seating and very private when I was there.
    Petermars 2015
    ExceptionnelI have used the lounge twice while traveling on early flights to Seattle on AK Airlines. The staff are very friendly, hospitable and professional. All of the amenities make this a 1st Class Lounge.
    Joemars 2015
    ExceptionnelBusy but nice. A big improvement over Delta's Sky Club. Great breakfast, self pour drinks, and a noodle bar :-)
    Eriknovembre 2014
    Vaut le détourAverage lounge that can get crowded. Food is essentially self service and average. Noodle bar has 3 options. I was not disappointed by the food but not wowed either. Liquor is self serve (good).
    DFRmai 2014
    ExceptionnelThis is the typical Cathay Lounge. One word: Amazing.
    Ryanmai 2014
    ExceptionnelThis is a great lounge with comfortable seats and an excellent noodle bar.
    Daveoctobre 2013
    Vaut le détourThis is a wonderful place to hang before your flight. The lounge has an awesome noodle bar, comfy chairs, new Apple computers, decent self-serve bar, and great decor.
    Tyler septembre 2013

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